January 18, 2011

365 Photos: Day 50 to 53

Day 50: Bali Flags
Day 50: Bali Flags

Day 51: Dentistry on the Hairy Lemon
Day 51: Hairy Lemon dentistry

Day 52: Washing Line
Day 52: Washing Line

Day 53: Briefing for the Nile Freestyle comp in the bar...
Day 53: The start of the Festival


Jonas said...

Life in photos. If I'd do this in my wildly linear and non-varying habits, it'd have the same picture for at least 200 days- dentist duties.

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skyshrouder said...

Bali looks amazing in these pictures. What camera did you use? These pictures look so sharp.

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Emily Wall said...

@Jonas Ha! Doing the 365 Project has really given me new appreciation of my lifestyle.

@skyshrouder Confusingly, these photos here aren't actually in Bali. They were taken on the Hairy Lemon island camp on the Nile, in Uganda! The Bali flags were sent over as gift from my mother who was living in Bali at time.

And as the camera, these were shot on my old Canon 400D. More important is the lens, and most of these were shot with my trusty 50mm 1.8, an absolutely amazing piece of kit!



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