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Taken from my Love it Live it profile

'For the last ten years Emily has been a committed white water kayaker. Her passion and interest for the sport as well as her conscientious attitude has made her a valuable member of the freestyle scene. Emily has gathered a number of notable achievements along the way including 2002 Junior European Freestyle Champion and head judge at the 2007 World Championships.

When she is not competing, Emily spends her time surfing huge waves, paddling big rapids and passing on her skills through coaching in some of the World’s top paddling destinations. 

Emily writes for Canoe and Kayak Magazine UK in her own column ‘CK Women’, where she adds a female perspective to the life of travel and kayaking.'

Recently my appetite for the outdoors and kayaking has turned my interest towards photography. The aim of my blog is a personal one; to document my progress as a photographer and record my travels.



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