January 20, 2009

Uganda to UK - back in the cold

After 4 months or so, I'm back in the land of fast internet. I've even surprised myself at how lame I've been at updates while I was in Uganda. For the most part I was living and working on the Hairy Lemon, which meant getting online once in a blue moon. It was an awesome and eventful trip; lots of paddling, cool people and malaria. For now here's some of my many many photos:

Markus cleaning on Nile Special

Sam and a chameleon

Me bouncing on Nile Special

Sam Ward on our Sipi River first decent trip (more to follow on this soon)

New Year's Eve at the Hairy Lemon

Me surfing 'Mu 2' wave

Lee McClean going huge

Sam and Will discussing the lines at Bujagali Falls with our LiLi clients

Me on Nile Special again




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