September 07, 2008

One adventure over and another beginning

One month road tripping in Europe is over, a week in the UK is just finishing and five months in Uganda now lay ahead.

The World Cup of Freestyle Kayaking 2008 was everything I expected and more; all three competition were well organised, exciting to watch and a great to be a part of. Compared to the first ever series held two years ago in North America, these competitions have really grown and become truely world class competition. The turn out for all three event was huge and the standard of paddling was high. Like I said before I left; I really didn't know what to expect when it came to my position in it all. I'm happy with the ranking of 15th overall (all results can be found at I learnt a lot at each event and I've got lots of things to work on now.

This weekend was meant to be the grand Festival of Freestyle; unfortunately British summer never really happened this year and there's been a whole ton of rain. The past week saw the river levels rising in Nottingham and the competition had to be scaled back. The always dependable and awesome Jim from AlpKit pulled it out of the bag and manage to hold the 4th round of the AlpKit series. James 'Pringle' Bebbington topped the men's class and Claire O'Hara won the women's (I made it into the final in 3rd place but unfortunately ended up finishing in 5th). The river was going up constantly all day yesterday during the competition; this is the judges' stand that did over look the original competition feature:

Aside from that and recovering from my European adventure, it's been a fairly intense week. I've been getting sorted for heading out to Uganda where I'll be for the next five months. I had awesome time there last Christmas and am so excited to spending the whole winter there this year. I can't believe it's finally tomorrow that I'm leaving, speaking of which, I'd really better get back to packing...




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