August 17, 2008

World Cup - Prague (Results)

Last night saw the semi final round of the senior men's category of the first World Cup event take place under spectacular floodlighting here in Prague. It was absolutely awesome; the atmosphere was immense. Thankfully it had finally stopped raining so the crowds were out in force. The competition was fierce, but the top 5 remained the same going into today's final. Top Brit was Ed Smith who put in a solid performance to take 7th.

The sun shone again today for the finals. I'm going to post all the results as pictures rather than trying to remember them all. In the senior men's, Peter Csonka was just unstoppable with his 900+ point ride. He was nailing every move out of no where. Nick Troutman claimed second and Mathieu Dumoulin just got 3rd from EJ by 3 points. In the senior women's it was close between them all but Fiona Jarvie and Emily Jackson were again out ahead of the rest. Flea put in a stellar first ride of 303 points, Emily tied with her in her third and final ride but the tie broke in Flea's favour thanks to her consistency throughout the final. Flea had been landing sweet straight loops in every ride and it was awesome to see her win. With Emily really suffering with a chest infection, she still did amazing as well and it will be interesting to see what happens next week.

Right now we're off to Ausburg! I'll post some more picture from the finals soon.


Harry Cox said...

Thanks for posting the results, wishing I could be there.



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