August 11, 2008

World Cup - Prague (part one)

It's week one of the World Cup tour 2008. Myself and Fiona 'Flea' Jarvie made it to Prague late on Sunday night after an epic drive in my van. Gradually more and more paddlers have been arriving from nations across the globe and it's been getting seriously busy on the water. The feature is on a man made slalom course just out of the main city; it's a fickle hole, it can be really retentive at times and tricky to land scoring moves. It's interesting to see what everyone is doing; some good stuff is going down but even the best paddlers look to be struggling at times.

We had our first official training slot yesterday; it worked out pretty well for us Brits as not all of us have arrived yet so those who are here got plenty of valuable time in the hole. After training, me, Flea and Ed Smith (Brit K1 men's - who's been looking awesome in practice) heading into Prague city centre for a break from the competition and to do the tourist thing.

There's not really much else to report as yet! There's one more day of training and then the competition kicks off on Friday. The women's competition isn't until Saturday morning (at 8am!) so I've got a bit more time. Here's a few shots from the past couple of days:




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