August 08, 2008

Time To Go Again

So I've emptied, stocked up and repacked my van over the past two days all in preparation for leaving tomorrow for the World Cup Series. It's pretty exciting to have so many top paddlers gathering together in Europe. The series takes us first to Prague in the Czech Republic, followed by Ausberg in Germany and then finishing off in Thun, Switzerland. I think it's going to be an entertaining few weeks. I'm hoping to be updating regularly while I'm away. The line up's been posted on the kayak session website and about 40 women are paddling in the competitions; by far the most I've ever competed against! I have no idea where I'll end up, I'm just looking forward to the experience.

I've finished up all my work in Nottingham now, it was strange to leave knowing that I have no intentions at all of living there again. I'll be back briefly after this Europe trip for the Festival of Freestyle which I've been helping to organising, then I'm done and it's time to head out to Uganda. The festival's looking like it's going turn out to be an awesome weekend, check it out at I've enjoyed the past few years living near the white water course and it's definitely a great training ground for all paddlers. Recently it's come to light that the course is under threat from massive transformations which could have a seriously negative impact on all but a select few. I'm usually all for change there as it keeps things interesting however the problem with these latest plans is the lack of consideration for other users of the whitewater course. For more about the changes and pledge your support please see

One last thing before I leave; I've got a new helmet and I just wanted to thank my friend Mark for spray painting it for me. He did my last one as well and the new one's an improvement on that design. It's so awesome, Mark spends so much time over it, he's such a perfectionist. I really appreciate the effort and the end result is sweet.




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