June 29, 2007

Lienz Euro Cup

With my exams and second year at University finally over, I dashed off with Jon Best and James 'Pringle' Bebbington to the south of Austria for the first Euro Cup competition of this year's series.

The event was held on the River Drau in the beautiful town of Lienz. Although we arrived a couple of days before the event kicked off to get some practice, low water had meant the dam was holding back until the competition and the hole wasn't much fun. Thankfully there was another wave nearby on the Isel. I really enjoyed this place, it surged a fair bit but lots of different moves were possible.

The competition started on the Friday with both Jon and Pringle making the top 20 in the men's event to go through to the next day's quarters. In the women's it was closely fought. I was pretty stoked to stick my air loop in my second ride, but unfortunately my first ride wasn't quite good enough to get me in the final, so I finished up 6th. I was still happy though, because I haven't competed in many European events, as a senior, at all.

The second day was jam-packed with action, with the men having to compete three times to make it to the top. These were the top three for every class:

Junior Women
1. Martina Wegman (NL)
2. Hana Vackova (CZ)
3. Nouria Newman (F)

Junior Men
1. Jiri Langer (CZ)
2. Samuel Schwarz (CH)
3. Marco Zarn Andrea (CH)

1. Nicolas Fayol (F)
2. Lukas Cervinka (CZ)
3. Jan Liska (CZ)

Senior Women
1. Lenka Novotna (CZ)
2. Nina Halasova (SI)
3. Maria Lindgren (SE)

Senior Men
1. Jon Best (GBR)
2. Seppi Strohmeier (D)
3. Simon Strohmeier (D)

The men's final was pretty intense, all of the top five had the potential to win. Peter Csonka ended up in fourth, he'd been trying an impressive new move of a tricky woo into a loop during training. It was great to see Seppi back so strong after being forced out of competition for the past couple of years due to a wrist injury. Jon was consistent throughout the whole final to come out on top, I was super stoked for him, taking his first senior international win.

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Seppi said...

Hey Emily.

I was just watching your nice video clip of Lienz. Very cool :o)! And I really like the music. Can you tell me which interpreter this is?

Thanx a lot and greetings to the UK,


Krzysztof said...

Hilltop Hoods :-)

emily said...

Thanks Seppi!

Yup, it's Hilltop Hoods. The song's called 'The nosebleed section'



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