March 01, 2007

One night in Leeds

Last night Leeds Uni Canoe Club played host to an elite team of travellers in an attempt to educate and inspire their members.....or something like that.

It seemed like a good excuse for a road trip and a night on the town to me!

After an epic drive and getting lost several times, I managed to get myself to the union just in time to hear Tom Laws talk about his trip to Corsica, David Fairweather talk about expeditioning in India and Tom Parker rant about airlines and the tourist attractions of Equador. All were very amusing and given me itchy feet to get out of the UK! We spent the rest of the night sampling the delights of Leeds and dancing til our feet hurt.

Tom, Me and Dave

I've been lucky enough to join the Level Six team this year, Tom and Dave are already sponsored by them. Check us out on

Check out the boys adventures on their sites;




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