February 21, 2007

2007 so far...

My year has started with a bang. Quite literally...

I managed to get boating down on the Thames a few times, helped out at a sucessful GB freestyle team training and have a Tarantino 21st all whilst revising for my exams. Then it all started to go a bit wrong. My computer crash (hence the lack of updates) and then I crashed, writing off my beautiful car!

Thankfully now, after a few weeks of being stuck here in the middle of England, no where near where all the water is, exams are over, my laptop is fixed and I have a shiny new car!

Here's a few pictures from what I've been up to:

For my 21st birthday back in January, I had a Quentin Tarantino themed night. He's my favourite film director and all my friends had to come dressed as a character from one of his films! As you can see, I was Beatrix Kiddo/The Bride/Uma Thurman from Kill Bill. I dyed my hands yellow making the outfit, but it was worth it. We had an awesome night, starting at the bar in my house with a chocolate fountain followed by more bars and dancing the night away in town.

I was lucky enough to be treated to a day at the zoo!

Lots of paddlers were out for team training honing their skills in preparation for this year's World Championships. The above photo is of Jon Best, one of the senior men. Taken at Shepperton weir on the Thames.

Another top paddler, Fluid's Adam Norfolk was there, looking good and getting air as usual. Team coach Pete Catterall and senior women's team member Fiona Jarvie watching.

Bye bye my beautiful Saxo. Does it look like a write off to you?!




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