January 10, 2010

Last few months in Uganda

After the World Championships, I returned to Uganda until mid November. Since then I've been hiding out in north east Wales working, saving and planning for my next adventure. I've been pretty quiet on the blog front with not much to report. Now it's time for me to make the most of the quick internet post some of my favourite photos:

Sarah here had been paddling for about 10 days by this point, she's come to the Nile as a complete beginner on one of our trips. She was trying to surf Club wave for the first time, she hit the meat of it, flipped over and went to pull her deck. As she did so the wave popped her the right way round, she then surfed Club for a full ten second with no paddles and no deck. Once she realised where she was she turned to us on the bank and waved! Amazing.

Anna Bruno concentrating on the rope

My boyfriend and my boss: Sam Ward

Craig Ayres flying at Super Hole

Me watching our LiLi client, Helen Jones at Nile Special (photo thanks to Scout)

Right that'll do for now




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