July 17, 2009

Back on the Nile

After a longer than expected stint in the UK, I'm back on the White Nile, Uganda. I'm mostly busy getting ready for the upcoming World Championships in Switzerland but also I'm helping out with the summer season of Love it Live it trips.

I've been back about 6 weeks now and the river's been fairly quiet. My training buddy Fiona Jarvie and I have been fortunate enough to have Nile Special and Club waves all to ourselves some days!

The river level was quite strange at first, with it not dropping low enough for Club wave in the morning and then only just coming up high enough for Nile Special in the afternoons. However, it seems to have returned to it's normal pattern, it's still quite low but both waves are now working. I haven't manage to get many photos yet so here's a couple of frames taken from video instead:

Working on my Helix at Superhole

Back blunting on Club Wave

More to follow soon...




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