August 27, 2008

World Cup - Augsburg Round Up and Thun (part one)

I've not been able to post for a while due to the hazards of being on the road (flat batteries, no power, sporadic internet etc) and a lot's been going on since I last wrote. The second competition of the World Cup 2008 went off without a hitch and like Prague we saw some top class paddling with intense finals. I'm sure enough has already been said about it on other websites so I'll just post a few pictures.

So now we're all in Thun, Switzerland for the last event of the series. It's been six years since I was last here but it all still feels very familiar. I love this place; beautiful scenery, crystal blue water and a sweet wave. The feature has been fluctuating quite a lot, sometimes it's steep, sometimes with a nice pile and sometime nonexistent. I'm currently sat overlooking the wave watching the Swiss team train, we've been having nation's training slots for the past two days which makes things easier for everyone to practice. All the usual suspects are looking good again and this third competition promises to be just as exciting as the previous two. It all kicks off tomorrow with the preliminary rounds of every category except the senior men who go on Friday. We get four rides as it's unattainable feature so hopefully I'll be able to put something together to finish off better than the other events; fingers crossed!




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