August 20, 2008

World Cup - Augsburg (part one)

It's week two of the 2008 World Cup of Freestyle Kayaking and the circus has moved to Germany. The second event is being held on an artificial slalom course in the town of Augsburg, built in 1972 the site features several canals and is set amongst woodlands with cycle paths all around. It's actually a really pleasant place to be and again we're all camped right by the river. There's wireless from the main building and shops within walking distance making this a convenient competition venue. Unlike last week there's not been any organised training slots on the feature here. Although the eddies' are small it's surprisingly not been too crowded so far. Everyone is still frantically trying to practice in before the competition starts on Friday but there's a lot of sickness going around and the hole is pretty tiring. I haven't taken any photos of paddling yet, but I did catch the Jackson crew on their new modes of transport:

Me and Ed Smith looking suspiciously related (we're obviously not, he just wants to be like me) indulging in carpark culture and tarp-ology.




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