July 09, 2008

Nottingham Life

Having now moved out of my house in Loughborough and finishing my degree (I got a 2.1 by the way!), for the past few weeks I've been living out of my new van up at my work in Nottingham. There's a couple of boaters who base themselves here for the summer season and when we're not paddling there's usually some kind of misadventure to be had.

This week, Pringle and Zach had the great idea of constructing a tarp slide down the side of the hills at the white water course into the canal. Obviously, carnage and nakedness followed.

Pringle getting ready...

Highly entertained onlookers

I've got a couple more weeks hanging out here until I head out to the World Cup competitions then I've got a week back in the UK to sort myself out before heading out to Uganda for five months! Here's a few shots of my awesome van that my home for the time being. It's pretty distinctive so if you see me around, come say hi!




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