December 13, 2007

Getting Away

To say the past few months have absolutely flown by in an understatement. I've been super busy with university, competitions and getting ready by my trip to Africa.

Some how last month I ended up competing in my first BUSA (British Universities Sports Association) event and a wild water racing one no less! It was actually surprisingly good fun; I was super stoked not to swim and to help my university, Loughborough, to win overall.

Competition number two was the Hurley Classic at the beginning of the day. It was a chilled out affair, not quite like the Hurley events of old, but still good fun. The jam style competition was interesting, although I'll admit I wasn't a fan, especially since judges changed throughout and all the categories were mashed together, so people paddling against each other didn't necessarily have the same judges, which the retired judge me doesn't agree with. Anyways, I came joint 2nd!

The third and final event was the GB team selection for next year's European Championships in Spain. A month ago I was concerned there wasn't going to be enough water, however in the days before the competition I was worried we were going to have to cancel due to too much! The first day was held at Hurley on a nice 4 gates, I was really happy to place 3rd in that one. The next day was back up on my 'home turf' of Nottingham. I totally stuffed up my first ride but pulled it back for next two and got 3rd place again. Unfortunately, even with my two 3rd places, I didn't make third overall; I tied with Fiona 'Flea' Jarvie in the overall ranking, and Flea won the tie by having better dropped ride. I'm still happy with my 4th place, which mean I'm reserve for next year's Championship. Well done to everyone who made the team and thanks to everyone who made it happen!

Now I'm just getting ready to leave for Uganda tomorrow! I'll be back in a month and I can't wait!




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