October 12, 2007

A weekend at the races

A few weeks back saw the second instalment of the Plastic Fantastic AlpKit Kayak Series (PFAKS). The main organiser is Jim Evans and he’s done an awesome job of taking over from Pete Astles at PeakUK and ensuring that there’s some great events for one and all.

James ‘Pringle’ Bebbington and myself headed over to the event on a late night mission from Loughborough to Bala, in North Wales. We woke to find we were only ones left on the campsite but still manage to make it to river in time for a quick practice on the NRA wave. I hadn’t paddled there in quite a while so the wave was completely new to me and the few rides I got before the competition were much needed. The feature was flushy and made for low scores, but with a little finesse and some local knowledge; big loops, blunts and space godzillas were all seen.

Jonathan Davies

Out on top for the men was Chris Chapman, beating local junior Stu Parry. In the ladies, fresh from a couple of month in Mongolia, Lowri Davies took 1st with Molly Crisp in second, and me in third. For full results, check out www.alpkit.com

The party featured some betting on horse races, a bit different from the usual but a whole lot of fun, and I won some money too!

Men's top three: (left to right) Stu, Chris and Jonathan

On the Sunday the Boto-X event took place. I made it thru my first race but not my second, I was beaten by Lynsey Evans and Molly Crisp who went on to take 1st and 2nd respectively. The men’s competition was fiercely fought to the end, with Bledd Lloyd placing 1st and Mark Shepard 2nd, junior Joe Bradley put in an awesome performance to take 3rd.

Again, thanks for Jim for a great weekend!




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