December 21, 2006

Hurley Classic 2006

Spring for the past two years has been and gone with no Hurley Rodeo due a lack of water. The 2006 event was rescheduled for 2nd-3rd December. In the weeks leading up to the event, the UK saw more rain than anyone had dared dream of and, ironically, the competition was under threat from cancellation because of too much water. With all gates open in the days before the weekend, the event went ahead on a high four gates. Unfortunately, for many it meant a tough battle just to get into the feature. An unusually low number of entrants resulted in the ‘jam style’ heats being upped from 20 to 30 minutes, in which the paddlers took it turn taking up to 30 seconds runs. It was a variety only scoring system, with the boater’s four highest scoring moves counting, more point were rewarded for combination moves. Many people enjoyed this casual style of competition, however the scoring system didn’t show it’s full potential due to the difficult levels. I managed to get in some practice in before my heat and so thankfully got the hang of the level. I was pleased to come joint 3rd in the women’s event, in the Saturday results.

As the event was rather impromptu, there was no official party but that didn’t stop us. Most people headed out in the mighty Marlow, for dinner at the George And Dragon followed by drinks at the Ship and Hogshead and dancing at Checkers.

A slow start to Sunday was spurred on by the lock keeper dropping the weir to three gates. It wasn’t the best three gater but it did provide the opportunity to get your wave moves and was a lot easier for all to make the feature.
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